VR Panorama Examples
Object VR Examples
Virtual reality attempts to bring a sense of being at some location, or handling some object, without the viewer actually being there, or having the object at hand.

Blue Banshee uses Quicktime technology to produce virtual reality components for websites, CD-ROMs and other similar multi-media projects. We can produce virtual tours of a business's facilities, or virtual products a user can manipulate and examine. These can be enhanced with directional sound and video as well.

There are two basic types of virtual reality: panoramas and object VRs.

Panoramas are environments, like rooms, where you can look around. Panoramas can be connected together so one can move from one environment to another by clicking (such as moving from room to room by clicking on doorways). Directional sound can emulate sound coming from a particular direction relative to the view as well.

Object VRs are 3 dimensional representations of items that can be turned around and examined.

These different types of VRs can be combined so that the user can move from one environment to another and pick up objects within an environment and inspecting it. Video can also be embedded. It is possible to created very detailed, complex virtual reality scenarios that can provide a highly immersive and satisfying experience for the user. They can also convey a sense of a location or the nature of an object over the web in a way that nothing else can.

We can create a VR to help your customer experience your business or product!

Quicktime is required to view these panoramas

Kung Fu School
This is a single panorama of the training hall at a kung fu studio. It conveys
a sense of the training hall a regular photo could not provide. This pano is embedded within a webpage. (about 200k)
St. Stephen's Green
Panoramas don't have to be photographic. This one of St. Stephen's Green in Dublin is impressionistic. (about 600k)
Highland Park Example
This is an example of a more unusual customised player. There is a single panorama displayed in a non-square window. /* */
The customised player itself is also a unique, complex shape. Controls for viewing the panorama are embedded in the flower, or the viewer may drag the mouse within the window's frame. These unique features can help make you make your presentation even more memorable. (about 440 k)
Restaurant Tour Example
This is another example of customised player. In this case, the player is a branding tool, providing both a unique, memorable interface as well as promoting the brand, in
this case, a restaurant. As you go through the tour, the text narrative changes appropriately. Links to other points in the virtual tour as well as the web are also accessed through the text narrative. Additionally, as the cursor moves over hot spots in the tour, the cursor changes and text informing the user of where the hot spot will take them appears next to the cursor.